Exhibiting Tips and Tricks

Once you have made the decision to exhibit at an expo it is important to put the right steps in place to ensure you make the most of your time at the expo. Just turning up isn’t good enough if you truly want to reap rewards, if you aren’t planning on engaging the expo attendees you may as well stay at the office.

The Firefly team is exhibiting at an upcoming expo so we wanted to share a few tips we often tell exhibitors before events:

1.    This is important – tell the expo orgainser if you need power! Don’t be      caught out on the day, it only leaves the organiser and your team frustrated.

2.    Set up your space so that it is inviting. Would you be interested in approaching someone sitting behind a table? Stand up; engage attendees passing by and never stand with your back to the aisle.

3.    Do a test run. If you are creative by nature this may not be required, but even in the Firefly office we always do a test run. Tape out the space to ensure all your furniture/ signage/ plants and any other items you intend on using will fit.

4.    Perfect your elevator pitch – a 30 second snapshot of who you are and what you do

5.    Clear signage is key, don’t get lost in the crowd. Make sure attendees or prospects can tell what your product or service is straight away and from a distance, don’t assume that everyone knows your business and product.

6.    Don’t bother with promo material that has nothing to do with your brand OR isn’t useful, the amount of materials that get thrown away post expo by attendees is just wasteful. Think of products that you would like to use and then see how they tie in with your brand.

7.    Don’t be boring; add a splash of colour! A few great ways to add some colour for your not typically ‘creative’ industries, is just to tie your brand colours into the set up. Depending on your booth set, tablecloths, stools, florals, lighting and signage are all great options.

Author: Samantha Horton, Firefly Events Managing Director


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